A Dirty Afternoon With Snax

Puppies and playing always go together. Wherever these furballs may go, part of their day must always involve rolling on the floor, chasing after a ball or munching on something rubbery. And this is the very reason why we fall in love with them – whatever they do, it always exudes cuteness and undeniable charm that never fails to put a smile on our faces. One proof that even dirty jobs done by puppies will never be reprimanded and regarded as adorable is this video. Meet Snax, a Shih tzu puppy who just had a muddy afternoon.

Snax is dirty, very dirty. According to his owner, it has been a rainy day and the backyard is all slippery and muddy. Our little puppy here decided to roll outside and now ended up looking like a filthy rag. The only difference between a rag and Snax is the amount of cuteness Snax has no matter how dirty he looks. He seems oblivious about his soiled situation and keeps on walking around the bath tub and leaves his paw prints around. His owner, on the other hand is enjoying Snax’ status and decided to record everything – maybe to show the world that no matter how grubby these puppies can get they always end up adorable. Although we can’t plant a kiss on this fluffy puppy for now, we have the privilege to take pleasure in watching his trending video. We can definitely understand why his owner didn’t scold him for looking like this. Snax may still have a long bonding session with his owner and the bath tub, given the amount of rubble and filth on his body. That’s the thing with Shih tzu, their long hair need attention and careful grooming when things get apocalyptic like this. It may time some time, but Snax is a very nice little puppy who is seem cooperative in bathing. He is small and very gentle, so we don’t think he will give his owner a difficult time. We are definitely hoping for a stress free bathing session. Right, Snax?