A Tissue Shih Tzu Mayhem

Just like human children, puppies are full of curiosity and energy. Aside from eating or sleeping, another thing they love to do playing – especially when they have their brothers and sisters to play with. As for Shih Tzu puppies, they cannot live without spending hours on running, chasing and playing games. These breed is known for being so friendly with humans that they always end up as their owner’s best buddies. In this adorable video, three 12-week old Shih Tzu puppies are having a bonding afternoon where they have chosen to take over the tissue.

If you are a pet lover who has taken care of puppies, you know how these four legged furballs are when it comes to tissue. They looooove chewing on it and pulling the roll until the whole room is full of little fragments of soft white papers. They have a tendency to ingest the tissue and these can get lodged in the throat. Although dogs can normally remove the tissue themselves, it is still not suggested to allow puppies to play with this type of material. Well, as for these three cute little pups, they don’t seem to mind the risk of playing with tissue. They love it and they are gonna play no matter what, which definitely doubles their cuteness power, don’t you think? Joining this Shih Tzu mayhem is their owner who, instead of scolding them ends up taking a video. Well, who could resist just watching these three all alone? You too, would surely make a recording out of this and show this to the world. That’s the thing with pets – whether they do a good or a bad thing, we always find something lovely in it. From time to time, cute antiques like this can be tolerated; but if the owner allows the puppies to do and destroy what they want all the time, behavioral problem will surely arise. Puppies ranging from 12 weeks to 8 months old are considered in the “molding” stage of development. This is a crucial period where an owner must be able assert the hierarchy of authority together with the rules and regulations of the pack. Nevertheless, this destructive video will send a smile on your face.