Abba and Her Static Situation

One of the perks of having a fluffy dog is the ability to play with the hair once in a while. And probably the best breed to play with is the Shih Tzu. Aside from being ultra friendly with humans, these dogs don’t mind being touched and cuddled. Actually, it is their favorite thing in the world. If you have affection for Shih Tzu and their long manes, this video is for you. Meet Abba, a cute little Shih Tzu in a not so usual situation.
Abba has just taken her bath and everybody is excited for her. Her hair is still damp and the owner was trying to dry her up using a towel. The little doll, on the other hand, is nothing but cooperative and stays put. After a few strokes on her body, the hair all went up and stayed that way – as if there are invisible strings pulling the hair up.

Abba, looking innocent of how adorable she looks, continues to walk around the sofa and attempting to play with the owner. Throughout the video, Abba continuously rocked the spiky hair look brought about by the charges of the hair and the sofa. In the scientific sense of it, this means that Abba’s hair and the cloth covering the sofa are of opposite charges,0 that’s why when the hair was stroke with friction by the towel, the charges of the hair are “triggered”. This also happens in humans whenever our elbows suddenly hit somebody or something, or when we get close to certain types of cloth or plastic material. As scientists would say, “It’s all about the atoms!”. The charge may not be strong enough to make us feel uncomfortable that’s why only the nerves near the hair feel it. Abba, on the other hand doesn’t seem to know what’s going on with her fur. Nevertheless, she is just as cute!
Why don’t you try this look on your fluffy pets? Surely, you’ll enjoy it as much as Abba and her owner have.