Abba’s Fatal Cuteness

There is no denying that when cuteness was scattered around the world, the Shih Tzu didn’t fail to get out and hoard them all. This breed has an unexplainable charm that always gets us. Whether you are a natural dog lover or not, it is impossible not get swooned by a Shih Tzu once in your life. The Shih Tzu appeal is in their deep brown big eyes, fluffy faces and their attention seeking personality.They love serving and making their owners happy – the very reason why they are considered as one of most common dog breeds that people take care for.

Abba is one of the millions of adorable Shih Tzu in the world; but she will prove you that she is one of a kind in this video. She doesn’t actually do anything. She just stares in the camera with her talking eyes and slow motion blinks that will definitely take you off your feet. Abba will show you how life can so much meaningful and fun when you have a Shih Tzu around. These effortlessly lovely creatures are made just the way they are – nothing more and nothing less. Each breed may have their own specialty to offer, and this video clearly showcases what is in the Shih Tzu. Abba may just be sleepy and dreamy, but her face is priceless. You just want to pinch her face and kiss her all over. Her cute expressions will certainly put a big smile on your face. Such an adorable dog!
This is why dogs are special. For what and who they are, we just love them. And what makes them so worth it is because they know how to give back our love. They have this certain understanding of how we need them and what can make us feel better and happy. There are even times when their affection for us is unconditional – that even if we scold them or make them wait for a day for us, they make us feel like there is no other thing more important for them but us. They are truly God’s masterpieces.