An Adorable Shih Tzu in Bali

Shih Tzu may be a common breed around the world, but you will be surprised that even in non-Western countries, the Shih Tzu is one popular dog. This is may due to that fact that these dogs are truly cute and there is no doubt that taking care of them is a fun-filled experience. The look adorable, yes. But their personalities make them a very unique line of dogs. They can easily adjust to their owner’s lifestyle. They are not temperamental. They can easily be carried around. And with their long haired coat, they are undeniably beautiful creatures.

One special Shih Tzu found halfway around the world in Indonesia is this doll. We may not know her name; but she is full of personality. Her owner has trained her how to shake hands with the words,”Salam! Salam!” which means “to have peace” in English. This Arabic word is spoken as a greeting or upon meeting a new person in Muslim. Such nice words to be understood by a Shih Tzu, right? Apart from these special words, this Shih Tzu will also make you smile with her cute little face and innocent demeanor as she tries to place her fluffy paw on her owner’s hands. Such a simple game, but a nice fun way to spend your afternoon with your little pooch, right? Actually, placing a dog’s paw on a human’s hand is a normal thing done by dogs that trust their owners. In the canine world, it is a sign that you are friends and that you belong to the same pack together. If you observe dogs that get along together, they place their hands on each other’s shoulders and backs when they play – this is a sign of a good relationship between dogs. If your pet does this to you (well, apart from the greeting), he or she is telling you that he or she is happy to be in your company and you are being acknowledged as a co-pack member. You can also teach your Shih Tzu how to say hello in Arabic! You’ll surely impress somebody with that.