Afternoon with Eight Shih Tzu’s

Walking your Shih Tzu for his daily exercise is a good bonding experience where you will form a good relationship with your dog. This is a chance where you can assert your authority over your pet and allow him to roam by his pace at the same time. But what if you had to deal with multiple dogs that all need their exercise? How will you handle all of them and walk them altogether? Here is a video showing eight full grown Shih tzu having their afternoon walks with their owner.
It does look like a lot of work, yes. But when you get to observe these furdolls they are well behaved and seem to have a harmonious walking relationship with each other.

It is very adorable to watch them get along and not going into tangles with one another. Actually, no matter what breed of dogs you have, for as long as you know how to deal with them, everything will come very easy. Training is key. You should know every member of the pack – who is the alpha, who is more submissive, who is the most stubborn. This way, you’d be able to train them one by one for the multiple walk. Next, prepare the collars or harnesses you will use and allow each dog to get used to them. Strong leads should be around 4 to 6 meters in length and it must not be flexible to be able to facilitate ease of movements. You can use a coupler made of nylon that splits into separate leashes. This is actually made for multiple walking purposes and would help a lot. Last and definitely the most important is your safety. If you want to be like the man in the video – stress free and can even carry a bag on his other hand, prioritize your safety. Do not walk dogs which are heavier and a lot stronger than you are. Walk them during less stressful hours of the day where there are less cars and people. And if you are still in doubt or not confident enough to embark on this multiple dog walking journey, do not take the risk. The most effective way to stay safe is proper analysis of your stamina and the trust of the pack towards you.