Belly Rub Addict Shih Tzu

Belly rubs are one of the most favorite things of dogs. Actually, this might be the reason why we get along so well with them. They will die for a taste of belly rub and we are the most delighted when we give them what they want. It is such a sweet thing to see an owner and a pet get along so well that the dog lies down everytime he sees his owner to ask for the ultimate bonding session – belly ruuuubb! If your pooch tends to roll on his back whenever you are around, this only means one thing. He is asking for a one on one tummy rubbing moment.

This video has captured the most addict pooch to belly rubs. He may have just met a stranger; but when he realizes that this human being will give him belly rubs, they instantly become the best of friends! Belly rubs are actually a good sign of the great pet-owner relationship. Dogs’ tummies are considered a vulnerable part of their body and once the dog allows you to touch his belly, it means that he trusts you bigtime. This is not just your typical type of trust; but belly rubbing is considered the deepest form of trust in the canine world because this means that the dog has faith that you will not do any harm on him by giving you the access to his vulnerability. Besides being considered as an act of sweet submission, in the scientific aspect, belly rubbing is also noted as a neurological reaction that produces happy hormones in the dog’s brain. The nerves on the hair and skin, when touched, scratched and petted send signals to the dog’s brain and are being interpreted as a happy feeling. The leg movements and kicking that usually accompany belly rubs is a reflex reaction called the “pedal reflex” whenever the abdominal nerves are stimulated.
Most dogs may love tummy rubs; but take this Shih Tzu differently, he is every bit of an addict to belly bonding. He may not know this new person, but one belly rub has surely given him away.