Belly Rubbing Before Bedtime

We get it. Dogs love belly rubs. There is this unexplainable magic behind belly rubs that seem to get pooches swooning. They like it and will do anything for it. This is pretty much the same thing that’s going on in this cute video where a little Shih Tzu is enjoying the night spending some quality time with his owner.

Shih Tzu are packed with cuteness and it is doubled when they are still pups. These small furballs are truly angels with a mission to melt out hearts. And just like any other dog in the world, they also have a weakness for belly ruuuubs! No matter what they are doing, once they see their beloved owners, they will lie down and wave their arms that can only mean one thing – it is time for some belly scratching! Usually accompanied by some leg movements indicating how much fun they are getting, belly rubs are simple but maximum pleasures of the canine world. Once a dog allows you to do this to him or her, your pet is showing you that there is an ongoing trust relationship between the both of you – him or her allowing you to touch him or her. Although all dogs have a liking for belly rubs, Shih Tzu in general, would allow you to touch them even if you two are still strangers. Compared to other dogs, Shih Tzu doesn’t need more time for them to trust you. These are easily trusting dogs because they are not used to being exposed to harsh conditions of life that being overprotective is not in their instincts. They just love to be loved and they expect this from everyone around them. They are attention seekers and belly rub addicts – just like this little furlove. Even if it’s already past his bed time, once he realizes his owner is up to give him some belly action, he pops us, rolls onto his back and enjoys his massage goodnight treat.
Puppies are little creatures which are equipped to put a smile on our face and make our days happier. To take care of them entails responsibility, but there is no denying that it is a one fulfilling experience.