Best dog food for Shih Tzus – Red Velvet Cupcakes?

There are many factors that you need to consider before ordering your favorite Shih Tzus’ food. According to expert breeders, the dog’s body weight and age play a great role in the food type preferred. On an average, they recommend 30 to 35-calories of food per pound weight of your Shih Tzu each day. Lifespan varies between 10 and 15 years. Puppies will need more calories, while the older ones may require less. The best way is to consult the breeder and keep a list of its calorie requirements at each age.

Feeding pattern

Until about three months, you can opt for free-feed. That means you fill the food-tray and allow the freedom of eating time to your puppy. After this period, it is always better to avoid this habit and switch to a regular schedule, which can be fixed according to the breeder’s advice.

best dog food for shih tzus

Red velvet cupcakes are not good for puppies (nor humans!)

High Protein Food

The best way of ensuring high protein food with minimum carbohydrates-content and zero side effects is to prepare your puppy-food at home. You don’t  have to do much on this. Just cook to an optimal level and serve. In case you find that you can’t cook at all, you can opt for canned food, which is processed free of chemicals. Some of the most preferred food is

  • White-chicken-meat. It contains a good amount of calories and minimum carbohydrates.
  • Brown-rice. This diet, when combined with regular exercises makes your puppy grow into strong adulthood.
  • Carrots and blueberries. You can feed them raw.
  • Sweet-Potato and Fish.
  • Yogurt and cheese. Make sure of cholesterol-freeness to avoid allergies and accumulation of excess-weight.
  • Muscle-meat with bone will help not only in serving as energy-source; it will also keep your dog’s teeth white and always clean. If your pet has problems in biting into bones, you could grind the bones and add to food.

It is always better to avoid excessively processed foods, as they could lead to thyroid and overweight issues. As far as possible, opt for food from natural sources. They will be better digested by your Shih Tzu. Opting for dry food is yet another way of ensuring complete health.

There are certain types of food that you need to avoid feeding your Shi Tzu, including food containing caffeine and chocolate. These could lead to critical health conditions.