Blind and Deaf Shih Tzu: How to take care of them?

Part of taking care of an aging dog is the deterioration of the senses. Most common problems include blindness and deafness which are apparently seen in dogs 8 years old and up. Generally, this is what we call the ‘senior’ years of canines and owners must be keep in mind that they should give special attention to dogs who are in this stage of their lives. Should you suspect deafness and blindness on your dog, first thing is to prepare yourself for the change in lifestyle of your dog. He will surely have special needs. Do not be sad because you can actually do a lot of things that will make it easier for you and your dog. Here are some wonderful tips!

Your priority is safety. Just like when he was still a curious little puppy, make sure that there are no dangerous sharp objects and furniture edges around the house. You should provide an area where your dog can stay and play and that will provide him utmost safety and assurance. It is best if you fence it around and place cushion all over the place. If you still plan to allow him to roam around the house, you can provide carpet runners leading to every room. This will guide your dog and avoid any incidental injuries of bumping or falling off. He only lost his sense of sight and hearing, but he still has his sense of smell – the most powerful sense of a dog. Make the most out of this by training him to remember the different scents of the areas in the house. You can leave some sniff paths and different distinct smells in each room to help your dog identify his location. Furthermore, there are “vibration collars” specifically made for aging dog with degrading senses. Instead of saying verbal commands, the vibration level and frequency will tell your dog what and what not to do. You can also place a special scarf or tshirt on your dog that will let everyone know he is special. This will help you handle your dog when your have guests in the house, when walking in public and when your dog gets lost, just in case.