Calling in Reinforcements: A Cute Shih Tzu Puppy Story

When puppies reach 3-4 weeks of age, even if they still barely walk, they are already introduced to solid food. This will prepare their stomach into digesting firmer type of food. It is not expected that puppies will instantly know how to munch on because since they were born, the food they only know is milk from their mom. They usually tumble, lick the bowl or just smell around the food. This may take a little patience but eventually and surely, the puppies will learn.

Some people try to mash the dog food in milk or they simply buy softer treats made for starter puppies. You can also try giving them milk re-placers in puppy bottles and eventually shift to bowls. It doesn’t matter how you will train the pups, just make sure that you don’t leave them behind as they can get suffocated and drowned on the bowl of treats. Provide distilled water afterwards to ensure proper digestion and avoid diarrhea. Remember that these are delicate babies and for as long as they are still too young for their vaccinations, cleanliness and sanitation is important in maintaining their health.

This is a story of three 3 week old Shih Tzu siblings – Ruby Junior, Lola and Kyra. This is their first day to smell and meet some kibbles. While their parents are out, they decided to take on their parents’ bowls. Barely even walking and crawling, Ruby Junior smelled the tasty treats and looked for the bowl. Amusingly, she plunged into the bowl as she had a difficult time maintaining her balance. This was when she needed some reinforcements – Lola and Kyra to help her on her kibble conquest. Eventually, all three sisters enjoyed their innocent parents’ snacks as their mom and dad were on a walking date in the park. Though it was quite messy as these three hungry pups work on their first solid food, they are such darlings to watch.

A video courtesy of Animal Planet labeled as “too cute” to watch, this is an account of three Shih Tzu sisters and their first kibble invasion. Let’s just hope they still left something for their mom and dad.