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Shih Tzu Hair Dye
October 10, 2014

Shih Tzu’s long manes are no doubt these dogs’ main attractive feature making them as one of the top pet …

Nose Bleeding in Dogs
October 7, 2014

One of the common panic attacks of pet owners happens when blood is observed on the nose of the dog. …

Shih Tzu Nail Care
October 7, 2014

Taking care of your Shih Tzu’s nails is an easy task; however, most owners would prefer bringing their pets to …

Shih Tzu Shedding
September 29, 2014

Shih Tzu do shed. Though they are not considered as heavy shedders, their hair still undergo changes and get replaced …

Smelly Shih Tzu?
September 27, 2014

Dog odor is one of the major problems of pet owners. Some say that they give their pets a bath; …

Tips on Shih Tzu Grooming
September 24, 2014

Perhaps Shih Tzu are one of the most frequently brought pets to the grooming station. Their long silky coat entail …

Shih Tzu Size
September 23, 2014

Apart from their fluffy coats and endearing faces, Shih Tzu are also gifted in terms of their size – making …

Shih Tzu Names
September 22, 2014

Naming a dog entails research and a long list of choices. It may range from a name of a famous …

Shih Tzu Show Preparation
September 19, 2014

Signing up for a dog show is one of the fulfilling experiences of having a dog. Besides getting to show …