Category: Shih Tzu Videos

The Smiling Shih Tzu
October 21, 2014

There are many facial expressions that our dog can show. As their owners, it is important that we know how …

Tommy the Guilty Shih Tzu
October 20, 2014

Dogs are like humans. They are capable of emotions and human feelings. Though they may not express this through talking, …

Carey and her Furry Babysitter
October 19, 2014

Dogs make the best babysitters. They are low maintenance, sweet, intelligent and fun enough to make sure that human babies …

Cute Complaining Shih Tzu
September 26, 2014

Even if they allow us to mob, pinch and squeeze their faces, our dogs’ patience can still be stretched to …

Shih Tzu Plays Soccer
September 25, 2014

Soccer is innate in Brazilians. When we hear the word soccer and Brazil, both seem to go pretty well with …

Friendship Beyond Size
September 22, 2014

We all come from different walks of life – diverse backgrounds, lifestyle, ethnicities, and physical attributes. Though humans don’t have …

Shih Tzu Dances On Command
September 20, 2014

Cute dogs performing tricks are all around the internet nowadays. Owners, proud of their pets, capture their dogs’ intellect prowess …

Shih Tzu Fur Loss
September 17, 2014

Hair problems in dogs are perhaps a common issue encountered by pet owners. Though it can be a normal condition …

A Sea of Shih Tzu
September 3, 2014

Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you have puppies at home? You are excited to go home and see …