Christmas with a New Puppy

The holiday fever is truly upon us. Since this is a time of giving, loving and all the good things in the world, sharing this special occasion with our dear pets will make is more fun and memorable. These pooches may don’t know what Christmas is all about; but they surely enjoy Christmastime as much as we do because they see us happy and jolly during these times. This personality is very apparent in the Shih Tzu because this breed is known to “shadow” the moods of their owners. They may not speak; but they are sensitive enough to know whether we are fine or not.

In this video, a young Shih Tzu-Poodle cross will spending her first Christmas in the world. This clip showcased the cuteness and innocence a Shih Tzu puppy can emanate as she spends bonding with her owner. Sadie happily walks and runs around the Christmas tree while she plays with ribbons and Christmas decors. Aside from playing, Sadie also relaxes around the Christmas filled room on couches and carpets; and even try to sleep on with an oversized santa hat on her head. All the cuteness was even complimented with a Rusty’s version of Let It Snow. Sadie shows us that even Shih Tzu pups try to chew on and play with our Christmas decors, they never fail to put a smile on our face and make us giggle with their super cuteness. No matter what they do, they seem to do it with charm and it seems that they know the formula on how to melt people’s hearts. This holiday season, let’s include our pets in celebrating Christmas and New Year. After all, pets are out family and they live very close to us. You can put your Shih Tzu in costumes and let him or her take a picture with Santa in the mall. The furbabies will surely enjoy some goodtime with you as you spend your vacation. You’ll see, it will be twice the fun – just like cute little Sadie and her owner. These animals are gifts to us and it is just fitting to treat them well especially on the season where everybody is all about giving and loving. Our pets very much deserve Christmas the way we do.