Chubby Shih Tzu Puppies: Playtime Afternoon

Shih Tzu puppies are a delight to any pet owner. Unlike other puppies, these dogs are full of energy and would prefer to play than do any other thing in the world. Shih Tzu are people-dogs. They love being with humans because humans make them feel special – which stems to the ancient Shih Tzu which were bred to serve as companions of the members of the Imperial Palace in China. They can be territorial but most of them are for play and fun. The Shih Tzu expertise is mainly to foster the bond between dogs and humans.

And this fact is very evident in this video. These 5 week old babies are nothing but playful throughout the four minute video. Their owners were very much in the mood for fun as well. The humans are all on the floor and trying their best to get leveled with the little cubs. For 5 week old Shih Tzu, these babies are quite big – and fat as well. Their big bellies and stocky bodies are such a charm that increase their cuteness level to the maximum. Even if these puppies are still learning how to properly stand and walk, there is no stopping them to play. With their wobbly legs and unstable stances, they try their best to high five their owners, chase their tail and jump in circles. This video has a smashing appeal of charm brought by these three chubby darlings. If ever you are planning to get a Shih Tzu, this clip will surely convince you to push through with your plan. The only important thing in getting a Shih Tzu pup is the preparation and the dedication to the health and maintenance of the dog. Remember that dogs are a lifetime commitment; these are not just toys that you will take care of when you are fond of them and stop caring when they don’t look so cute anymore. Just like babies, puppies will require time and financial requirements – both of which you should have before venturing into being a canine mom or dad. With all of these responsibilities, one thing is for sure. Taking care of pups may be work, but the emotional fulfillment and happiness they bring cannot be paid by any amount of money or material gift.