Coco on Getting to Her Bag and Praying

Little dogs such as the Shih Tzu must be trained and used to being carried around by owners. Well to start, this is the reason why they are called toy dogs – because they are as small as toys and very playful to be with. One of the challenges of being a toy dog owner is the ability to train a dog into being comfortable with their carrier bags. Since the owners prefer to always bring along these dogs wherever they go, it is a must that the travel is stress free for both the owner and the dog.

This is Coco – a Shih Tzu that just learned to get along with her red doggie bag. According to her owner, it took her 2 weeks to fully complete the training and to consistently comprehend the “get into the bag” command in a swift and relaxed manner. Using positive reinforcement as the method of training, Coco was able to grasp the idea and comfortably follow her owner when she tells her to get in the bag. If you are planning make your pet follow Coco’s footsteps, then the first thing to keep in mind are kibbles or treats – lots of them. Place the bag on the, preferable near your dog’s resting area so he or she can get used to it and not get afraid of its presence. Second, place some kibbles inside and allow the dog to explore the bag and get the treat. If your pet is already comfortable into getting in and out of the bag, then it is time to teach him the command of getting in. Pick a short one syllable word and use a specific hand signal with it. This may take time and would require some patience; but always keep in mind that the Shih Tzu is a smart, loving dog. You only need to be consistent in sending out the message to your dog and you’ll be surprised how easily he can pick it up. Also, you can teach him some praying position after your dog has learned how to get into his bag. Just like cute furry Coco over here who is very well behaved when her owner tells her to pray after getting in and out of her doggie bag.