A Commando Running Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are playful little creatures that never seem to get tired of playing and running around. Even if you are not really playing with them, if they see you with your hand moving and with a smile on your face, they will assume a game on session with you. If you hug them and kiss them – especially the pups, they will surely run after you as if affirming your affection and again, asking you to play with them. This is pretty much the same mood where Yoshi is in in this video – ready to take on the whole room just to play play play.

Actually, there is nothing so different in this video. You’ll just witness a cute little Shih Tzu chasing his owner – well, except that it is super adorable! Yoshi looks so fluffy as he goes around the kitchen to play with his owner. Even this pup is so small, he has a very big personality. You’ll see him go around and around, wait for his owner on the other side of the counter and crawl under the chairs like a professional commando. He does this very swiftly and fast! You’ll be amazed how a little furball can easily slide himself on the floor and gets to his owner in seconds! Blame it to his light weight or Yoshi’s unique talent in maneuvering on a lot ceiling environment, but there is no denying that Yoshis an adorable Shih Tzu puppy that will make you convince to go and get one. Well, truly, Shih Tzu pups are the cutest in the world and having them around to take care of and play with is a fulfilling experience. These pups are jampacked with sweetness and all the love a canine can offer an owner. If you are thinking of getting a pup, try to see if there is a ‘Yoshi-ness’ in your candidate pet. This will surely save you a lot of sad days and down times. Who knows? He may make a good camping buddy and a savior dog in emergency situations. After all, his commando style talent really has potential for a guard and sporting dog – only a little less fierce and more fluffiness.