Cooper at Christmas

Christmas is truly around the corner and admit it or not, it is already in everyone’s system. The carols are nonstop on the radio; the buildings are all decorated with wreaths and ribbons; and the children are very excited to open up their gifts under the Christmas tree. They say that Christmas is worth spending with your loved ones and friends; and this doesn’t exclude our furry friends. Just like this adorable Shih tzu, Mr. Cooper who clearly loves Christmas as much as little kids do.

Cooper is happy to see the family again and excited to be a part of the festivities. Just like his kid pal Adeline, he is in for the celebration as he goes around greeting everybody. Seeing a dog being treated like family for Christmas will spark a little warm fuzzy feeling in anybody’s heart. These furbabies may always be there all year to spice our lives with fun, laughter and a lot of saliva-dosed kisses; and they also deserve Christmas as much as any of us does. After all, they have given all the love and loyalty they have to us their owner and it is just fitting to give back to them. A pack of kibble or a new toy would do. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not; because after all these canines only recognize affection and gift as one thing. For as long as you show them that they are accepted into your family pack, the fulfillment and joy will be returned to you doubled. Good karma, I guess is what Christmas is all about – whether it will be for humans or for our dear pets.
So let us be like Cooper’s family this holiday season – celebrating love and companionship together as they look forward to a wonderful year of friendship and camaraderie. So much good vibes, isn’t it? Since Christmas is all about happiness and giving, let us celebrate it with all goodness in us. Let a dog’s love be an inspiration to us – unconditional, unwavering and unassuming. Merry Christmas to all the PAW-rents out there! Share the love!