Cute Complaining Shih Tzu

Even if they allow us to mob, pinch and squeeze their faces, our dogs’ patience can still be stretched to the limit. They love us and we know it; but these charming creatures are very up front and honest about their feelings. If they’re happy, they’ll let you know. If they are feeling under the weather, you will surely notice. Shih Tzu are one of the breeds which are normally (if you’d call it normal) spoiled by their owners. Due to their active personalities trapped inside a whole ton of fluffiness, their owners looooove to smother them with affection. If dogs are spoiled, they know they can get what they want – even if they won’t tell you about it. Do not underestimate how those cute faces can convince you because they know how to use them – to their advantage. Instead of feeling annoyed for their persistence, you will certainly give in.

Take this Shih Tzu from Japan. This is a dog, by the way, not a stuffed toy. One might confused him as being a toy especially when he just stares directly onto the camera and doesn’t move. This Shih Tzu surely brings cuteness to the next level. The owner is commendable for putting up with this cutie’s complaining and not giving him a treat. I bet that not all dog lovers can stand that begging look of this pooch. You might even give in the moment he looks at you asking for his meal and would even give more and more for him to do his charming expression. This video is an overdose of cuteness!

This is one of the reasons why we love dogs – especially Shih Tzu. They never seem to run out of ideas to express their cuteness and make us swoon. Whatever they do – even if just simply wagging their tails and looking at you, they make your lives easier and rewarding. Just remember not to over spoil your dogs even if you are given their begging antics, this might cause a behavioral problem in the future. Nevertheless, such dolls these dogs are. Don’t you agree?