Ewok the Smart Shih Tzu

There are so many impressive dog videos all over the internet that will to amaze you and other dog lovers. These dogs are carefully trained by their hardworking and focused owners to be able to put up a good stunt of a video. If you have a Shih Tzu that you are planning to train, it is never to late to start – whether a puppy or a full grown Shih Tzu, it doesn’t matter for as long as you are all put in training your dog. Puppies may be trained easier; but adults won’t be much work if you do it the proper way. Shih Tzu are stubborn dogs because they have a very independent personality. They can be really friendly and easily trusting to humans, but when it comes to training, it is important to train them the proper way – with consistence, assertion and patience.

This is Ewok, a Shih Tzu who has a Chinese owner and can very much follow commands both in English and Chinese. This little furball will impress you with his tricks and antics as his owner guides and commands him. The owner uses both verbal and hand signals to send the message to the dog. Some trainers would prefer either one of the modes of command but using both is much more effective. Verbal cues are not so effective when not accompanied by hand gestures as dogs can only comprehend the first syllable of a command word. This is also the reason why dogs of the same household are not suggested to have the same first syllable in their names because this is very confusing in the canine world. The hand movements that augment that command help the dog realize what the owner is trying so say – especially in terms of movements towards a specific direction. Take note that Ewok’s nose tends to follow the index finger of the owner and helps him to understand the command even if there are times the verbal commands seems overwhelming. Ewok has learned how to turn both to the left and right, roll over, play dead, sit, cross legs, carry a can, put on wait and say goodbye. You wanna make your dog as charming as Ewok? Just follow the mentioned training rules and you and your fluffy pet is good to go.