Friendship Beyond Size

We all come from different walks of life – diverse backgrounds, lifestyle, ethnicities, and physical attributes. Though humans don’t have subspecies, there is still a wide variation among us. If that is the case in humans, what about in dogs which belong to many breeds and look very different from each other? As a result of breeding through the years in favor of those that human prefer, many varieties of the wild wolf arose; and included in this long list of breeds are the Shih Tzu and the Rottweiler. Both looking very far from each other – especially in terms of size, Snax and Zoey prove us that they can be quite the best of friends.

Snax the little Shih Tzu loves playing with Zoey the Rottweiler which is more than ten times his size. They get along pretty well – playing and rolling beside each other as caught on this funny video. Their owner also seems to enjoy their little play time as she says, “I should train my dog not to put his head on a Rottweiler’s mouth!”. Yes, Snax seems to like placing his head inside Zoey’s gigantic jaws. Zoey, on the other hand doesn’t mind having a miniature fluffy head inside her mouth. She even seems to enjoy it. It is such a nice thing to see them both okay with each other and that Zoey never does anything to hurt little Snax – who happens to be persistent in pulling Zoey’s fur and collar.
Though this is a very cute sight to behold, it is still best to supervise Snax and Zoey on their playtime. Zoey may be really nice; but one slip can easily kill Snax. He may get crushed accidentally even if Zoey might not do it on purpose. Just imagine her big paws on Snax’ little head. If not attended to, her weight may easily strangle Snax. Having small and big dogs together truly doubles the enjoyment; but making sure of their safety is a priority – especially in cases of little puppies getting along with large breeds. However, if you have the time to supervise them, I suggest you also play with them. Surely, you’ll enjoy it and it will be twice the fun.