Grooming Tips for your Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu coat are an asset of this breed that’s why owners of these dogs must allot some time when it comes to taking good care of their pet’s hair. Shih tzu have hair not fur which can grow into a long and silky mane. Some owners think that frequent brushing and bathing can cause a better coat. This, however, is never true. Usually, Shih Tzu only needs brushing every 3 days and a 2-3 times bath per month – especially in cases where the dog usually stays in the house. In terms of brushing, never ever brush a dry coat because this can cause breakage and alopecia – a patch of bald hair on the skin’s surface. Furthermore, as you brush the hair from the root to the tip, do not curl the brush (just like in human salons) because Shih Tzu hair are more prone to breakage and the increased tension and pull off or cut the hair. Start brushing from the legs and downwards then on the body downwards. Separate the hair into groups for easier brushing and to prevent tangled hair to clog onto the brush. In cases of matted hair, do not try to brush it forcefully. If ever it is already clumped up, simply trim it off. You can also clip the hair on the anal area to prevent accumulation of fecal matter.

Shih Tzu GroomingSome owners, especially the ones who join their dogs in show contests prefer silk wrapping the coat of their dogs. This must entail attention and care because moist can accumulate on the hair and on the skin that can predispose the skin to infections and bacteria buildup. It is suggested to remove and replace the silk wrapping every 2 days.

You can also try putting a topknot to match the cuteness of your Shih Tzu. Part the hair into two sections then put a band on the front section. Get a portion of hair from the back section then incorporate it into the front and into the band as you push it down. Repeat until you finish all the back section. Using a final band, place a little bow infront of the knot for a cute finish.