Havanese Shih Tzu

Fine cross between Chinese sturdiness & Cuban obedience in your Havanese Shih Tzu

Finding the most friendly and adaptable watch-dog for your home is no longer difficult. Havanese Shih Tzu has the cross-breed characteristics of affectionate and the social behavior that is essential for your social circles. At the same time, it is capable of acting as an alert watchdog, warning you of strangers and intruders in your living space. Moreover, it can defend itself from “opponents” quite intelligently. It is also quite hygiene and cleanliness conscious. You can easily train the dog to behave according to your home, social and formal circles demands. Kids at your home will find it very easy to make friends with.


Havanese Shih Tzu

Physical Features

  • With its long-fur coat and longer hind (back)-legs, it is a short-sized, yet power-driven dog.
  • Eyes are usually black in color with same colored rims.
  • You can choose from black, white or tan-colored breeds.
  • The dog has a bouncy-walking pattern, making it look unique and attractive among the crowd of pets.

Psychological and Behavioral Features

  • The dog can be easily trained to adapt itself to your home environment and atmosphere very quickly.
  • It is quite friendly and silent in nature. When provoked or attacked, it could quickly switch to offensive mood. At the same time, it is easy to calm down its emotions by even your children.
  • It is very sensitive to external stimulations and disturbances. At the same time its behavior can be conditioned to endure unfriendly conditions also. This is why many people find this dog as a good travel-companion over long distances.

Food preferences

Cleaned and hygienic fruits, veggies, cheese, boiled/cooked-eggs are some of its most favored foods. Try tuna fish one time — it may give a bad stomach ache. Otherwise tuna is one of the most preferred foods.

Exercising and walks

Though shy and timid by nature, it can be trained to go on long walks. You have to be very gentle and show patience at the start. Once it picks up the tips and tricks, it will act as a reminder for your everyday exercising routines.

Simple Tips

  • Brush your Shih Tzu’s coat every day and take special care about removing tangles.
  • Always make sure of keeping the top-knots (The hair on your dog’s forehead) away from its eyes.
  • Keep a collection of winter-dog-clothes, especially sweaters & coats ready. Your dog may need them if it experiences excess cold/shivering during the winter-season.
  • Before trying out any new type of dog-food, go through the ingredients, their possible side effects, expiry-date and other details.