The Home Alone Shih Tzu

Although we love our pets to bits, there are times that we need to attend to our human duties and leave our little loves behind. Shih Tzu is a breed that is normally energetic and active. They may not be physically running up and down like sporting dogs, they are mentally alert and would always want something to focus their attention on. They pee when they get stressed especially when they feel that their owner is not around. Remember that these dogs are highly dependent emotionally on their owners and they must be at least 6 months of age before leaving them home alone.
Before leaving behind you Shih Tzu, make sure that you have already trained him on the usual schedule of your work and going home. He must already be accustomed to the habits if the household – especially on his feeding, playing, walking and pooping time. Do not never leave a Shih Tzu outside the house for a long time and alone since they don’t tolerate weather changes very well, given that they have a very long coat. Place him in an enclosed area preferably with adjustable baby gates and on the corner of the house. This must be enough for a spot of his bowl, area of newspapers for pee-ing, a basket of toys and a place where he can sleep.
Before leaving, bring your Shih Tzu for a walk around the house and allow him to pee or poop. In this way, he won’t feel so anxious about your leaving. Give him also some hugs and kisses to avoid separation issues and a toy to play with. Do this minutes before you leave, not within your time of leaving. Also, never say “Goodbye!” as this would imply that something not so good is going to happen. When you come home, calmly open the door, pat him on the head and go on with your usual business. Act casual around your pet and give it around 10-15 minutes before you smother him with cuddles and kisses. Handling your leaving and arrival in a cool way will avoid over-excitement and development of separation anxiety on your Shih Tzu.