Home Made Treats for Your Shih Tzu

There are a wide variety of choices for dog food sold in the market. Whatever age, size, breed, and condition your dog has, there is surely a specific diet for a specific situation. Dog food is actually the major cost of keeping a dog. You might not notice it, but part of your weekly budget consistently goes to your pooch’s meals; and it still depends on his appetite and the amount you give. Buying a dog food and simply placing it on a food bowl is the easiest way to feed your pet; however, there are alternative ways in preparing food for your dog. You can actually home cook his meals and treats! Here are the reasons why you should.


Home Made TreatsThere was never a dog food without fillers. Fillers are ingredients added to the dog food to make it bulky or to stock it up. Since these are commercial products, dog food have to go through a processing stage where their shelf life must be extended. Part of this process is adding the fillers. They don’t really have a nutrient purpose; they simple function to literally “fill-in” the dog food. These fillers can actually cause behavioral problems in your dog due to the incomplete nutrients in their food. Dogs’ bodies know how to regulate themselves in such cases. This is the reason we observe our dogs eating grasses, straws or even their stools. This is not healthy for them. In the wild, well, it is accepted. But in household pets, this a major no no because this can lead to further gastric upsets. Moreover, allergies are prevented with the consumption of home cooked meals as they are more natural and closer to the raw meat diet of wild dogs. Teething puppies can also be given home cooked meals; however, just make sure to look for a recipe suited for a young dog’s stomach. There are vast choices of recipes in the internet. You can try some to see if your dog will like it. The same with people, dogs may have different appetites for certain food and would prefer others over another. No matter what, homemade treats are worth a try.