Honey the Malshi (Maltese-Shih Tzu Cross)

If you are a certified dog lover, you would have a heart for this adorable video. Honey is a cross between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu – two breeds which have a lot in common. Although most people usually confuse them, these are two distinct toy breeds which are very affectionate to humans. Maltese tend to have a strong bond to their owners while Shih Tzu crave human attention and affirmation. Put them together and whola! You have a perfect furball!
This is Honey, a Mal-Shi cross and is perhaps the cutest thing on the planet. She loves to platy and play and play. If she could rule the world, we will all probably find ourselves in the play pen and free to play with anything we like.

Adorned by the hilarious talking captions, this video is packed of fun and giggles. Honey’s cuteness is complimented by purposely wronged grammar texts that really add to her charm. She is seen playing around, chasing her ball, rolling on the carpet and innocently sleeping (like a human) beside her teddy bear. The most adorable part of the video was when Honey seemed oblivious of the camera as she fell to sleep while munching on her toy. Even if the owner tried to pull it away from her, the pup was soundlessly sleeping in dreamland and never gives a damn about the giggling owner infront of her. Honet is sure to melt your heart. Actually, that’s what puppies are for – to remind us that life is simple and fun if you will just stay contented and grateful for what you have. If you need a breather or a dose of cuteness in your life right now, this is the best clip for you. Just hit play and enjoy the one minute and a half video of Honey and how much fun her world is. Don’t you just want to wish to be a puppy for a day and lay on the bed, sleep and have a good ol’ teddy bear around to keep you company? And that is exactly how Honey rolls everyday. A certified cutie!