How to Bathe a Shih Tzu

Oftentimes, dogs dread bath time. They hate getting wet, groomed and cleaned as this is not a normal activity for them. There was never a bath time with fluffy bubbles and fragrant shampoos in the wild. Licking is their only cleaning time; however, domesticated dogs need baths – or else they are not welcome in our homes. Lucky are the owners of Shih Tzu because this breed is very easy to handle and is generally relaxed during bath time. Here are some mindful tips when giving your Shih Tzu a wash.

If your pet rarely gets to play outside and usually stays at home, bathing is only done every 2-3 weeks. There is really no need to give him a bath every week because this can cause drying of the coat and skin that can lead to flaking and secondary bacterial infection since the skin’s natural oils are removed exposing the skin to contaminants. However, should your pet played in the mud and gets dirty, give him a bath as soon as possible to prevent formation of dirty mats which will crust and surely, you will have a difficult time to remove. Brush the coat first before starting. Use lukewarm water as you bathe your dog and try to chat with him in a playful tone so he will enjoy and form a better bond with you. For puppies, it is best to trim the hair on the anal area to prevent fecal accumulation and maintain the cleanliness of the pup’s fur. Moreover, the anal gland can be cleaned by squeezing the glands found on both sides beside the anus using a thin washcloth. If this is not cleaned, it might burst and mind you, you wouldn’t want to get a smell of it. Fur on the paws must be trimmed at the level of the pads while mats must be removed on the ears. You can use a toothbrush to scrub parts of the face, especially areas under the eye.

Bath a Shih Tzu

You can try to clip your dog’s nails; however, bear in mind that if this is done improperly, bleeding can happen. You can apply styptic powder to control the bleeding and if ever, leave it all to the groomer. In Shih Tzu, blow drying is a must. Make sure to thoroughly spread the hair using your fingers to evenly distribute the hot air for better results.