The Imperial and Tea Cup Shih Tzu

One of the main assets of the Shih Tzu breed is their miniature size. Aside from being easily carried around by their owners, their size adds to their adorable facial features. Having a lethal cuteness combination of size and fluffiness, Shih Tzu can be considered as one of the favorites when it comes to toy dogs. We often hear about certain types of Shih Tzu such as the imperial and tea cup breeds. Do you know that these are very much the same as the usual sized Shih Tzu? There is really no difference genetically – they are practically the same dog. Therefore, whether you say it is an Imperial or Tea cup, it still belongs to the Shih Tzu Line.
Tea Cup Shih TzuShih Tzu normally weighs around 9-16 pounds according to their breed standard by the American Kennel Club. If ever your Shih Tzu weighs lighter than 9 pounds, it is already an imperial or tea cup Shih Tzu. Remember that these dogs are as healthy as the normal Shih Tzu; they are just smaller. Furthermore, even if they don’t qualify in the breed standards set, they are can still be registered. Should you plan to get an imperial or tea cup Shih Tzu, take note that they usually weigh around 6-8 pounds as adults. If they are less than 5 pounds, there may be something wrong with the dog and it is not healthy. It is still best to bring your new pet to the veterinarian to check his health. Smaller dogs usually have issues with their bones and hypocalcemia, low Calcium in the blood is commonly seen. You may need to give your small pooch some calcium supplements if your vet requires it. Moreover, small dogs are more sensitive to temperature so you have to make sure to provide an environment and sleeping area where your pup is comfortable. Leaving him around outside is not suggested due to extreme temperature changes. Also, take caution with letting an imperial Shih Tzu play with big dogs as they can easily get crushed.
Imperial or tea cup Shih Tzu isn’t a new breed of dogs. They are just sub categories of the normal Shih Tzu because they are literally smaller. They are as true as any other Shih Tzu in the world.