Katy Perry’s Shih Tzu Fan

A cute video of a Shih Tzu having a eager musical moment, Charlie shows us she is more than just a pet, but also a fan.

Dogs have an ability to imitate people or sounds around them. They do this when they feel curious or confused because they could not understand the message sent to them. Or sometimes, when they try to “shadow” what their owners are doing, they think their owners want them to follow. Even if they do not understand the purpose of the command, for as long as they have a high regard and trust in their owners, they will follow. But this Shih Tzu has a different thing when it comes to sounds and shadowing. Charlie has a special attention focused on an international pop star – Katy Perry.

Whenever Charlie hears a Katy Perry song – especially her single “Set Me Up”, this furball goes into fan mode. She watches the video on a laptop and eagerly listens to the song. As she adorably tilts his head to focus on her favorite song, Charlie howls as if trying to sing along. She may not have the vocal cords that will allow her to speak the lyrics, but boy ,she really does try.

Actually, Charlie’s cute singing is triggered by her curiosity in the sound she hears. She may not be exposed to hearing sounds in the house – maybe the house is always quiet. This is the reason why she goes making sounds herself when sudden loud music is heard. She may not be irritated, but this behavior is simply canine curiosity. She is trying to communicate through howling – asking what is the message being sent. But since she is literally howling to Katy Perry in a music video, she just keeps on hearing the song without any doggy message. Charlie stays around and continues to explore the area around the laptop to see where the sound is coming from.

Who knows, after this video made it to YouTube, Katy Perry might see her and send Charlie a message herself?