Lacey During Christmas Time

Now that Christmas day is getting closer and closer, the holiday spirit is already making its presence felt. The chilly weather, complimented by live fireplaces and carols being played truly show that there is already no stopping this very special occasion. One of the most anticipated traditions of Christmas is of course, the gift giving. Some say kids enjoy it the most; but I bet, grown-ups enjoy it as much as the little ones do. And do not ever forget about your furry loves. They may be tinier than human kids; but they are as jampacked with fun and joy of the holiday season.

This is Lacey. You might have seen this eight month old baby in YouTube because she has quite some funny clips. Her cuteness is undeniable but her excitement for Christmas is also very obvious. I’m sure every Shih Tzu owner would wish for this kind of Shih Tzu for every December of every year – a fun, jumping and uncontrollable dog with a certified flare for Christmas. The mini voices version of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” adds more charm to this delightful clip as you watch Lacey goes around the house, playing with gifts boxes and wrappers, and chasing after her favorite new cat toy. Actually, there is a real cat in the house named Lexi. However, since Lacey is still a puppy, she and Lexi (which you will meet at the end of the video) are having a difficult time adjusting to each other. To lessen the tension, Lacey’s owners decided to give her a moving kitten toy for now to get used to. Lacey seems to enjoy her game as she keeps on jumping and running over her substitute playmate.

Christmastime is fun. This day is made to put smiles on all our faces so that we may feel grateful for all the blessings we received for the whole year. More than the fun, this is a time of acceptance, understanding and love. And I guess our dear beloved pets are the best examples to show us that.