Marnie, and her second chance at life

Dogs do not hesitate when they know we need their presence and love. They know when they are needed and they gladly abide by our emotional needs. Their empathy towards humans are truly undeniable that makes them wonderful animals. But there are times when it goes the other way and it is time for us to help them.

Such is observed in shelters where animals are taken cared of as they wait for a loving family that will adopt them. For the past ten years, Marnie’s history is a little blurred. She was rescued by animal control when she was wandering alone on the streets of Connecticut – full of dirty and mats. She was also clearly not in a good state of health because aside from the filth she was covered in, she had a strong bad breath due to falling and ailing teeth. Her left eye was also covered buy cataracts and infection. According to initial reports, it will only take a miracle before this Shih Tzu will see again on her left eye.
But faith took a turn and Marnie was adopted after 4 months of staying in the shelter by Shirley Stern, her proud and loving owner. Today, Marnie has been gracing a lot of Instagram and YouTube videos and probably, the most famous and loved Shih Tzu in social media sites. Even if Marnie’s vestibular problems – seen in her permanently tilted head, was not resolved, she is happily living in her new home. The cataracts and cloudiness in her eyes are now gone and just like it was noted as a miracle, she can see with both of her eyes again. She is not smelling great – shopping around malls, touring Chinatown and relaxing at Central Park with Shirley. Marnie also has a liking for parties and events where there are people who can notice her. Such an attention loving pooch! But if you come to think of it, Marnie deserves every love and recognition she is now experiencing after the neglect she had been through. Though Marnie is still dealing with separation anxiety where she doesn’t want to be left alone, she knows how lucky and blessed she is by showing Shirley how much Marnie is grateful for her new home. This Shih Tzu has never failed put a smile on Shirley’s face. Her playful character which suddenly shone when she has adjusted proves that giving this dog a second chance it truly worth it.
Watch this video and know why it is impossible not to love this pooch.