Max Happily Plays Fetch

Dogs look so lovely when they play around in the park and get to show off the tricks you taught them. Aside from the warm fuzzy feeling they give you when shoot that pleading puppy dog eyes look at you, they can also sweep you away with their energetic moves and antics. Shih Tzu can be lively creatures and do not ever underestimate and think that they are only for your couch potato-ing moments. They may be small, but they come big in personality.

This is Max – a fun fluffy Shih Tzu who is spending most of his afternoons in the park with his owner. Aside from being cute and adorable, Max can also play fetch. Fetching in dogs comes naturally in breeds like the Retrievers and the Hounds. These canines are equipped with the smelling and tracking abilities that come in handy in search and rescue operations. Shih Tzu, on the other hand are not really much easy to deal with when it comes to fetch training. This breed can be quite stubborn and not used to being bossed around – although they can be trained. If you Shih Tzu has an innate interest in fetching, then consider yourself lucky as only a few Shih Tzu shows this type of personality. That’s why Max is special. Fetching may look like a normal doggy talent; but for the Shih Tzu, it is a breakthrough forte. If you want to teach your Shih Tzu to fetch, don’t worry. With proper timing and focus, a Shih Tzu can learn to fetch. These are smart dogs. It is just their personality that’s going to be tricky. Always compliment any command with a trick or kibble and remember to show them a lot of praise when they have done something right. This is ultimate formula in getting your stubborn Shih Tzu under your authority. Show him how fun can it be and make him look forward to the every afternoon fetching event together.