Miley Wants a Tummy Rub!

Tummy rubs are probably one of the favorite things every dog would want to experience nonstop. There is something about belly tickles that makes their day. Once a dog is willing to show off its belly to you, this means that he trusts you. It is a sign of a dog’s social skill and trusting attitude. The stomach or abdominal area is considered as the most vulnerable part of an animal’s body which they try to protect as much as possible, especially in the wild because the vital organs are found here. In a household situation, on the other hand, the story may be different and this behavioral manifestation is already transformed into a cute and cuddly manners.

This is Miley, an adorable Shih tzu who has an addiction to tummy rubbing. She obviously loves the pleasure very much that she actually asks the owner not to stop and continue on massaging her undersides. Miley even uses her little paws to ask for more from her owner who is very thrilled to spoil her. This is a hilarious video where an unsatisfied pooch gets some unlimited tummy rubbing treat. Watch her endearing eyes which actually close as she enjoys the belly massage indulgence. This little dog might already need a doggie massage parlor for her relaxing needs. Cute!