Mumble’s Happy Feet Meet Rocky the Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are dogs which consider playing as one of their purposes in life. Whether just a young pup or even a full grown adult, these dogs are attention addicts and crave human interaction wherever they are. These creatures also love to have toys where they can spend their extra energy on and which cure their boredom when the owner is away. One particular Shih Tzu who just received his new playmate – and who seems to have a great time welcoming his toy, is Ro cky a.k.a. Rocky Balboa.

Rocky is having a chillin’ doggy afternoon when Mumble, the famous penguin from Happy Feet stumbled upon his world. This Mumble toy is not your common stuffed toy. It is actually a toy robot that can move, talk and make lots of penguin noises. Rocky, on the other hand seems very eager to get to know his new bestfriend. In this video, he is seen barking, jumping and endlessly wagging his tail as Mumble is being controlled to perform some dancing and tricks. Actually, it is pretty surprising that Rocky didn’t end up feeling scared or intimidated by the penguin. Instead he is looking game into playing with the toy. This Happy Feet character can talk and say, “I am Mumble!”, “Happy Feet!”, “Hello” and “Who’s there”. It is always fun to see your beloved furball enjoy the toys you give him; however, never ever leave your pet – especially Shih Tzu puppies, alone with a robot toy. Remember that robots run on batteries and stuffed toys are all covered in synthetic fiber. Curious puppies can try to chew on the toy and can ingest the hair or small fragments of the toy. These materials are non-digestible by the gastric acid in the stomach and can lodged onto the gastrointestinal tract. Foreign body obstruction is always an emergency case in the clinic because when left inside the body, it can cause sepsis, breathing difficulty and ulceration that may be fatal to the dog. For the battery and other electronic materials, these are made of toxic chemicals that when ingested can severely affect the liver function of the dog. Some exhibit bloody diarrhea and vomiting that may predispose an animal to dehydration. If the poison is attended as soon as possible, it can spread via the blood and affect other vital organs in the body. It is okay to allow your pets to play with interactive toys because this will also be as fun and enjoyable experience for you. Just always remember to make sure that your pet is under your nose and you can clearly see whatever he puts in his mouth.