Munchkin for the Superbowl

Everyone in the pet lover speaking world knows this little furball who has gained a lot of followers when he casted himself (and confused everyone at the same time) as a teddy bear. The video has hit million views in just a few days and sky rocketed Munchkin into an international canine superstar. From then on, the owner of this special dog has never stopped filming Munchkin who, on the other hand has been winning the hearts of millions of her fans. And now, in one of the newest addition to her famous clips, Munchkin shows off her cuteness in a football costume – in time for the Superbowl.

Again, this video is very short and Munchkin is doing nothing except to run a few paces wearing her New England Patriots uniform in an open field somewhere in Southern California. According to her owner, she picked a dog-sized toy costume and placed a teddy bear inside it. She cut off the head and feet of the teddy and removed all the stuffing inside. The head and the feet is where Munchkin’s face and front legs will go through so it would look like the dog is wearing the red costume while standing only on two feet. This eight pound dog seems to have flair for strutting in different outfits and looks comfortably enjoying in any of the costumes she wears. In her own Instagram account, you can also see her strutting off party hats and other cute little dresses. This Patriots football look clearly shows what team Munchkin is for in the recently started Superbowl. Obviously fans, Munchkin and her owner, Roth will surely check in to the updates and excitement of the said sport. The white shorts, red jersey with a ‘00’ number and safety helmet definitely complete the whole look. It would definitely be a fun watch to see Munchkin in this adorable costume and watching the games. It will surely be a trending one! Who knows, her idols might even invite her to watch the games live in action given how much attention this furball gets. We would definitely want to see more of Munchkin in the coming events of her life. For the countless comments and adoring fans, no doubt this wonder dog is most famous Shih Tzu in the planet today.