Neglected Shih Tzu with 4 Pounds Matted Hair

Hearing stories of neglected pets are truly sad and we can only feel sympathy towards the dog. Our pets shouldn’t suffer when we cannot fulfill our duties to them. If we don’t have the time or resources, there are available animal shelters where you can bring your dog or you can ask some friends around who may want to adopt a dog. Whatever means you may choose, it just means that there is always hope for every pet that cannot receive the utmost care and love he deserves. This is pretty much the same with Ziggy, a severely neglected Shih Tzu found alone in an abandoned house in Linderbest, New York.

Nobody knows anything about Ziggy’s owners because according to the neighbors, the house has been empty for a year. No one even knew about a dog being left to live by itself inside the vacated house. When Ziggy was spotted, he was immediately taken into the Babylon Animal Shelter. Ziggy didn’t even look like a dog. It was heartbreaking to see that such a possibility can happen. The poor dog only weighs 11 pounds – 7 pounds bone and 4 pounds of severely tangled Shih Tzu hair. He couldn’t barely even walk because his nails are way overgrown and one can only imagine the pain this can cause. A shelter worker described Ziggy’s condition as “horrible” and he was recommended an intense physical therapy and medical attention in order to regain his health. The NY Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Farmingdale gladly opened their hearts and offer their services for free for Ziggy.

Ziggy Neglected Before

After 3 hours of intense shaving, cleaning and scrubbing, all was surprised to see a real Shih Tzu which has been hidden by the bushy unmaintained coat. Ziggy is even very friendly and approaches everyone as seen in this video. A Shih Tzu that will truly touch your hearts – this video is worth the watch. Anyone who is willing to donate or offer help for Ziggy may simply contact the Babylon Animal Shelter at 631-382-7722. As of now, the Suffolk County SPCA are still searching for Ziggy’s past owners for their arrest and conviction.