Nurturing Your Shih Tzu From Puppyhood To Adulthood

Nursing and nurturing your Shih Tzu might sometimes seem like caring for your favorite child. You may feel that it is a daunting everyday task. Relax; when you start off with your dog when s/he is a puppy, it becomes a routine job. Of course you need to love what you are doing. If your family members could lend their helping hands, this becomes an interesting and joyous experience over a period of time. Let us look at some of the basic elements involved in your Shih Tzu care.
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Bathing and Brushing

According to Shih Tzu grooming experts, your pet needs to be bathed once every two weeks at least. If you are planning to bathe her every day, remember that her body produces natural-oil which covers her entire body including her hair. Everyday bathing could dry out the oil and result in skin-irritations. It is always preferable to keep a separate small bath tub for her. You can find lots of hair and skin care lotions, soaps and creams online. It is better to towel her body than using a dryer, as it helps in retaining the natural oil content.
Brushing needs to be done deeply to her skin layer. If you happen to come across any hair knots, just stop and remove them carefully with your hands. You could use a gentle hair conditioner to keep the hair from getting dry. It is preferred to brush her in the direction of hair growth than against it.

Body Cleaning

It does take a bit of patience and persistence on your part. Sometimes she may not like being forced to sit in one place for a long time. Just let her get used to your cleaning. With affection and persistence she will start cooperating.
Use good-quality ear-cleaners available at pet-accessories shops. Always use a soft cotton-swab for cleaning her ears. If you find it too difficult, you can ask for help from the breeder/vet to get it done. Eye-care is important. Always keep the hair in this region trimmed and short. You can use a pet-eye care lotion for this.
Toe-Nails can be massaged and trimmed with clippers. Always remember to clean her teeth with a tooth-brush and paste for dogs only. It is highly recommended that you avoid the tooth-paste that humans use.


By following the simplest of procedures, you will be able to keep your Shih Tzu’s body clean and hygienic. This will also help in keeping her fit and healthy for a long time.