Payslee and Her Princess Pillow

One of the things when you have a puppy to take care of is the trouble that your house furniture have to go through. When you don’t know how to confine or train your pup, then it is next ti impossible not to see scraps of bitten materials all over the floor. Puppies don’t mean to cause chaos on purpose – they are just either bored or teething. This is a crucial behavioral change for your puppy and you. If you let him okay around like this, he’ll grow up thinking that what he does is okay. You’ll confuse him when you get mad and this win’t fix the problem. But for a newly acquired Shih Tzu puppy like Payslee here, everything is new and she would want to experience every bit of the house – including her gigantic princess pillow

Just like any other Shih tzu, Payslee is a happy girl eagerly running around her new home. She is also welcomed by Rally, her 9 year old brother. Payslee is nothing but joy as she jumps around saying hello to everyone. She also has a ball and a lot of different stuffed toys. With all of these cute things to play with, Payslee seems to have a preference – her very girly pink princess pillow. She spends her time jumping and rolling on it and she is the most adorable thing. Her owner surely felt she made the right decision by buying the pillow. Let’s just hope Payslee won’t get tired of it as she grows up. This normally happens when puppies are exposed to the same toys everyday. It is actually suggested to rotate the toys at least every 3 days so your dog would appreciate them once you bring them back out. Dogs have a temporary memory bank so they would consider old toys new when rotated. Let’s wish Payslee a happy and exciting puppyhood – with or without her colorful little toys.