Peek a boo with a Shih Tzu

This is one of the proofs why Shih Tzu’s are the nicest dogs to human beings. They just love babies! Shih tzu’s are actually a gentle breed of dogs which can be left to play and have fun with young kids and crawling babies. They can also be trained to look after our little ones as we prepare the dinner or have a quick chat with the neighbor. These dogs are smart enough not to hurt their owners and their children; but fearless enough to defend the house and bark off against intruders.

In this 2 minute video, a 9 month old baby is seen jolly and playing with the family Shih Tzu. The cute antics of both the baby and the dog as they continuously shriek and bark, respectively are totally adorable and fun to watch. The baby is playing hide and seek with the Shih Tzu as he tries to conceal himself at the back of the mirror which the dog uses to marvel at his reflection. Both of them are obviously enjoying themselves – the baby laughing and the dog jumping as he try to ‘seek’ the baby. A short clip that can put a smile on your face and kick your stress away, this will show you how having a Shih Tzu will definitely add amusement and fun to your lives.