Shih Tzu Puppies Playing with Their Mom

We all know that Shih Tzu possess a certain charm that clearly separates them from other toy dogs. They are fluffy, friendly and full of fun! And aside from that, they are very loyal dogs that would rather sit with you all day or play with you on the bed. They are not difficult to handle and very easy to love.

No wonder that their cute videos flood the internet, uploaded by owners who just can’t get enough of them. One of these thousands of videos is this Shih Tzu family having a wonderful bonding afternoon with the kid in the family.

Shih Tzu work very well with children because like human kids, these furbabies are also full of energy and they prefer being with beings that share their playful instincts. This family of Shih tzu is composed of a mom and her five cute puppies which are around six to eight weeks old. During this period, close supervision is needed over the puppies because this is the time where they chew, pull and roll on anything they find interesting. They might ingest little items such as nails, plastic, rubber, etc. that can strangulate them to death. Furthermore, even if they are friendly towards kids, it is still best to watch over them because human kids sometimes get too excited and go on charging after puppies or the puppies get uncontrollable that their play bites can already hurt kids. You can buy a movable fence and allow the puppies and children to play inside the perimeter. In this way, accidents can be minimized and you can easily monitor all their movements.
In this fun afternoon video, the human mom watches over the little girl as the mommy Shih Tzu runs and looks after her five puppies. It is a mom’s instinct – dog or not, to be protective of her young and this is one of the requirements of taking care of dogs, especially when they are still puppies. Focus and patience are the secret to keeping puppies safe. Never ever leave them unattended because you might just get the surprise of your life as accidents from these young furballs can be as unpredictable as the weather.