Puppies And Their First Puppy Food

When a household welcomes a set of puppies, it is always a joy to see these little furry babies come into the world. For the first few days, they don’t know anything but to feed on colostrum – the first milk out of their mother which is full of immunoglobulins that will protect them against diseases until they are ready for vaccination. This will continue on until they are around three to four weeks old when they baby teeth start to come out. Though their mom will still nurse them and allow them to milk, the teeth will start to discomfort her and eventually she might need to give up the nursing. Before this happens, the puppies must be introduced to solid food; however it must not be instantly as this will cause stomach upset and will lead to diarrhea.

The three Shih tzu darlings in this video are 5 week old puppies which are introduced to their puppy food for the first time. Training and some getting used to took time before the puppies learned how to eat the liquid puree. The owner helped them by scraping a bit of food on her finger and offers it to the puppies. The keeble mash was made out of 25-35grams of protein mixed with milk replacer. As time goes by, less and less milk replacer must be added to allow the pups to adapt slowly to their new diet.

Watch this video for a truly sweet and endearing experience! Cute!