Puppy Hit by Car: Amazing Survival

Dogs hit by cars are common incidence in freeways near residential areas. Cars running at maximum speed may not be able to stop the car immediately or even notice a running dog. These sad accidents are truly realities that’s why it is important to keep our dogs within our sight, whether inside and outside the house. In China, where dogs are not as highly regarded compared to Western countries, dogs are even considered as meals and they may not be as lucky. But this pooch might have gathered all the luck in the world that day – when he was hit by a swiftly moving car and he survived without any wounds and broken bones.
Mr. Zhang was having a relaxing day when somewhere on the freeway he saw a dog running across the road. He heard a strong thug and thought that he may have hit the dog but it may have ran away as he didn’t saw any lying dog on the road on his rearview mirror. He continued on his journey for another 250 miles when he heard whimpering somewhere in his car. He stopped the car on the side of the road and when he walked infront of his car, he got the ultimate surprise of his life. There it is, a brown middle sized pooch, stuck on bumper – barking and looking at him expectantly. He immediately asked help from the nearest veterinary clinic. Mr. Zhang was afraid that trying to pull the dog by force can hurt it so he just decided to drive to the vet with the dog still stuck on his bumper. Amazingly, the vets didn’t find any serious damage on the dog’s body – the xray revealed intact organs and bones. The puppy’s body was tightly held by the metals of the bumper and since the pooch was not in pain and it didn’t try to scamper, he was safely tucked in the steel. And now, after their fateful encounter and experience with each other, Mr. Zhang and the lucky puppy are always together and decided to be each other’s best buddies.