Rolling Balls of Fur

If you need a breather right now, you’ve come to the right website. This clip will show you how cute Shih Tzu can get and how much of rolling furballs they are. There are loads of Shih Tzu videos all over the internet where a dog shows off his talents and tricks. But take this video differently – this is not your typical one-starring Shih Tzu clip because this video stars a family of overly charming furballs.The ‘pack’ attitude is common to the Shih Tzu because this breed loves company. This is their best asset in terms of becoming a family dog and the reason why they work best with kids.

They are very gentle and it was never in their personality to suddenly get aggressive. The Shih Tzu is not moody most of the time and they have this ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude. Just like any other dogs, even as puppies, Shih Tzu are trained by their moms to have a groupie attitude because this will help them survive. This is an innate instinct that they got from the wild dogs. Compared to the lions and tigers, dogs are no match unless they are in a pack. They are more confident and a whole lot safer if they are surrounded by other dogs and led by an alpha.
This clip was captured on a jogging afternoon where a family of Shih Tzu is happily bonding. Together with their owners that they follow and as a pack, they are having a goodtime where the little ones also come trailing after their mom. Their furry and bouncy bodies are truly adorably cute and very lovely to look at. That’s the thing with these breed, especially when you have a ton of them at home – you will never get bored. They may have high maintenance coats, but their personalities make up for the dollars you spend on grooming them. They prove you that they are worth keeping and they will never fail to make you feel this everyday.
There is nothing so spectacular about this video – just your regular doggy day afternoon, only packed with cuteness amplified into eight cute pooches.