Rosy Definitely Wants To Play

Do not overestimate a Shih tzu’s attention seeking attitude. These pups are definitely willing to work just to get a response from anyone – even from their co-pets inside the house. When play deprived, Shih tzu’s won’t just content themselves with chasing their tails or playing with their toys. They would definitely need someone to play with; and Rosy, the main character in this mini clip is an inspiration of hard work and perseverance.

Rosy has been trying to get Bonnie’s attention. Rosy clearly wants to play. However, Bonnie seems not in the mood to wrestle on a paw tackling session. She would just ignore Rosy’s play attempts and would continuously turn her head away. But Rosy, on the other hand doesn’t not give up easily. She keeps on lying down and rolling beside Bonnie. She even tried to gently kick Bonnie’s face and sit on Bonnie’s head. Rosy would never show a sign of stopping. This little angel is determined to get a dose of play, no matter what it takes.

Will Rosy succeed? Or will she just had to look for another playmate who would willingly return her affections? Go and check out this wonderful and cute video of two stubborn Shih tzu’s.