Sadie and Her Long Lashes

Shih Tzu’s are highly trainable dogs since they prefer being with a human most of the time. They see their owners as a reflection of themselves and as their ‘idols’. They easily trust and follow their human’s moves. This is video wherein a charming Shih Tzu shows off her tricks and skills under the supervision and direction of her owner.

Meet three year old Sadie! Sadie is a smart and adorable pooch who her owner have taught how to sit, speak, turn, roll and play dead with the “Bang!” sound. When asked who is her daddy, she will gladly tell you who. Sadie also knows when to stay put and when to run which is pretty impressive as you will see on the clip.

Sadie’s long eyelashes are normal. Some Shih Tzu’s have these long eyelashes while some don’t. It is not an abnormality; however, if it is already causes discomfort on the dog, it must be cut off during grooming. Common problem cases include increased lacrimation, keratitis, conjunctivitis, itching and crusting on the eye and eyelids. Shih Tzu’s are high maintenance breeds that must be frequently bathed, brushed and groomed. Their long hair, especially on the face need special attention as this may cause infection on the eye.

With pretty pink bows on her head, Sadie will surely capture your heart and will definitely take the stress away as you watch her cute tricks. Enjoy!