Santa and a Shih Tzu

Have you ever wondered why reindeers were chosen to guide Santa as he distributes gifts, and not dogs? Since canines are man’s bestfriend, isn’t it also fitting that dogs also accompany Santa on his Christmas duties? It will surely be twice as fun. Dogs have unique personalities and have a special understanding of humans, compared to many of the other domestic animals.

This is the reason why this Shih tzu, Tobi is applying to be Santa’s special canine aide.Watch and see how he is so comfortable beside Santa it will make you wonder why only reindeers are used to pull Santa’s sled.
This is Tobi – the Christmas Shih Tzu. He may look quiet and reserved but he has one goal: to convince Santa that he is a worthy servant. He waits around the window for Santa’s arrival, seats on the snow, beside the Christmas tree and all figures of Santa he can find. He stays up and alert as he moves his ears for any sign of the reindeers and Santa. And when Santa arrived, he never left his side. Call him a Santa fan or the ultimate holiday dog, whatever; but Tobi is surely never to let himself get left behind this Christmas. Such a charming dog!
Since Shih Tzu look like stuffed toys, they look pretty well when placed near display furniture and figurines. What more beside Christmas decorations! They look like they belong into the scenery that if they can only stop moving they would really be mistaken for toys. It is okay to let your Shih Tzu play with Christmas décor and toys; but never leave them unattended as the sprinkles, glitters and little plastic pieces can be easily ingested. Whenever there is a foreign body ingestion and obstruction on a dog, it is always an emergency case. Christmas is fun with out pooch around; but it is also more fun if nothing accidental will happen. Merry Christmas pooch lovers!