Santa Takes Wishes from Shih Tzu

Once December kicks in, it only means one thing for everybody – it is time for celebrations, gatherings, reunions and gift-giving. The Christmas spirit is something meant for everyone, including our dear pets. Little kids look forward to seeing Santa on this time and getting to give him their well-deserved wishes. Actually, Santa has a heart for everybody and anyone can send him their wish. It is just a matter of being naughty or nice on whether or not you will receive your gift. And it also works the same for our furry friends! This Santa is very much accommodating for anyone’s Christmas wish list and that includes kibbles, dog food, squeaky toys and whatever munchie a dog would want to ask for. Take this lucky Shih Tzu, for instance.

Meet Lilly, a Shih which was given a chance to wish for Christmas. We may not know what she wished for (because it seems like it is just between her and Mr. Claus), but she will surely get it for this Christmas because she has been a very nice pet. Lilly even had a photo-op with Santa where she keeps on sniffing Santa’s beard (or maybe whispering her other Christmas wishes) and cozies on Santa’s fluffy costume. She is even prepared for this shoot as she went to Santa in her cute red outfit. Even if Lilly is one spoiled Shih Tzu, her owner still thinks that she deserves all the gifts she may want. This is also the same thing for Santa who tells that Lilly is one good pooch for this year because she didn’t mess up with any rug, steal anything off the table, bite a cat even for once and wet on anyone’s sandals. Ms. Keitt must be so proud of her baby for this Christmas.
How about you and your Shih Tzu? Have you listed all the nice and naughty things he did this year? Does your furball deserve a kibble this holidays? Bring him to the nearest Santa Claus station and they will surely know. Hope you and your pet will have a blast this Christmas! Happy holidays!