Shih Tzu Baby Steps

A dog’s growth from being a neonate to adult is an exciting journey both for the dog and the owner because this entails a lot of changes and improvements. However, this is also a period where your need will need a lot of supervision and management. Yes, having a cute little Shih Tzu to take care of is something very thrilling and fun – especially when you get to show off these furballs to your friends; but the main responsibility of keeping a dog is being able to support and give the needs of your dog – both in health and basic needs. It is important to understand the stages of development of your puppy to be able to properly monitor and give the utmost care he needs. Like this 6 week of Shih Tzu baby who is just learning to work on his motor skills. This stage is usually observed starting 3-8 weeks of life where the puupy tries to stand up, wobbles, rolls and walk around. He may not be able to run fast, and steady yet; but in a few more weeks he will surely on the race to you when you get home at the door.

If you are to leave a puppy like this unattended, chances are something bad might happen. Be on close guard – as if you are the mother of these cubs whenever you let them play around. The joints of puppies are not yet fully attached to each other and the bone cortices are still in the process of development. This is the reason why this adorable doll is slipping (also the floor is a bit slippery) and having a hard time standing up. The vestibular apparatus is also undergoing growth at the same time. When the pup reaches 8 weeks of age, he is expected to walk briskly and control himself in running. Should you have an 8 week old pup who is still crawling, see a vet already. If a puppy is always on its belly, there is a higher chance of puppy dermatitis occurrence. There are red spots which usually lead to superficial inflammation and pus development. This eventually heals by itself; however, some may require antibiotic intervention.

At this point, the pup is already exhibiting curiosity and playfulness which is ideal for any puppy lover. Though this period may be demanding, it is as fulfilling. Actually, that’s the main reason why we even take care of puppies in the first place, right.