A Shih Tzu Christmas Carol

The holiday season is not complete without the songs that makes the Christmas feeling more genuine. Christmas is truly in the air when Christmas songs start to play on the radio, supermarket, malls and restaurants. Aside from the Christmas tree, lights and the snow, these jingles lightens up the mood and makes the ambience more cozy that compliments everyone’s happy mood. There is something about Christmas that never fails to put a happy face on every stranger. And if you are a stranger to Shih Tzu, this video will surely put a smile on your face.

Somewhere in Korea, there is a family of Shih Tzu that has a very unique hobby of singing together. They do not sing just any song; they only have a specialty for Christmas songs. It all starts when their owner, pardon the comment, started singing in a high pitch off tone Christmas carol. These types of sounds will never fail to catch any dog’s reaction because canine ears are more sensitive than ours. The sound may be multiplied thrice or until five times in their ear – which will totally get their attention. Trains, honking and howling dog sounds are clearly heard by any canine within a 200 meter radius. This can be compared to talking directly with each other across a room. Furthermore, this is the reason why dogs are sensitive to loud sounds. There are times when they cannot tolerate it that it already hurts and they cry. In this video, as cute as it may look, these dogs may be telling their owner, “Hey! We hear you. So please stop!” Look at their faces. They are curious and agitated of the sound. As soon as the last Shih Tzu joins in (looking like a Shih Tzu chorale ensemble), all of them didn’t stop howling. Beyond the adorable impression of this video, they are sending a message. Their ears are irritated and they are telling their owner to lower down the sound. Although in our point of view, it seems like they are singing and imitating their owner. As cute as our Shih Tzu buddies can be, we need to be more sensitive towards them. It is Christmas after all – a time of giving, loving and understanding for everyone, including our lovely pets.