A Shih Tzu for Christmas

Christmas is not complete without shopping for gifts. It is what truly makes Christmas an event everyone – from all walks of life, look forward to. You don’t have to be rich to feel the spirit if this occasion, whoever you are and wherever you came from and may be, Christmas will always happen and will never fail to make itself felt. In giving gifts, it is not the price that matters; but the thought that somebody remembered you and made you feel special. But what if somebody gave you a furry little baby – a Shih Tzu, perhaps, this Christmas? I bet it will be the most wonderful and cute thing in the world.

Shih Tzu are dogs which are bred to make you feel special. So if they are given as gifts – wrapped in a red cloth, topped with a ribbon and in a costume, it will surely melt your heart. These pooches are loyal house pets. They make the best canines to have around wherever you are because they are small and do not require much attention. Oh well, of course – aside from their long coats that may need frequent grooming and brushing. But aside from that, they are basically little furballs that love to be with you. This is seen in this video where the brothers are given a cute pup for Christmas. Little Higgins is welcomed into the family with open arms of these excited kiddos. And whose heart will not melt when you recognize that Higgins is the one wearing the blue hoodie costume? It is totally cute! Higgins may be mistaken as a stuffed toy; but once his costume is removed and was allowed to play on the tiles, we realize that he is a live breathing creature. He will surely bring so much joy in this family for the holidays.

Shih Tzu make great pet gifts to your friends and family; however, dogs are not suggested to be given as surprised gifts because the owner may not be ready for such a responsibility. Remember that dogs are like babies- they require an immense amount of care at attention. Should you want to give them as gifts this Christmas, it is best to let the person know first so he or she will have some time to prepare and ready his or her home for the little furball.